Oriental influences on Ultimate Kitchen designs

On the ultra-modern South Pacific creative scene, some specialists are noting a striking interior design which will, eventually, also influence many  ultimate kitchen designs across other European countries as discussed by Raffaella Mariotti.

It has been referred to as the Pacific Rim Style, while others use the expression East West. Its characteristic features are the advant-garde lines, colour schemes and taste concepts revised with an original oriental indulgence. In recent time, the furniture trends in both Asia and Japan are less dramatic and sharp-edged than the modernist style. They pioneer sensual and less sophisticated lines into their design influence.

The convention of Asian splendour in interior design

These alternatives of contemporary Asian design are influenced by the “East meets West” idea. Anyone intending to create an ultimate kitchen in accordance with the convention of the latest modernism influence would primarily have to value the differences in the meaning of beauty between East and West. For the Japanese, beauty is a sensory understanding deriving not from the object itself, but from the relations between the observer and the object. We quite often define a particular Japanese style incorrectly, when it is actually focuses on a particular object’s intrinsic sophistication. Often, the Pacific Rim style merges organically and natural materials with still-life, increasing artificial items or materials. The oriental style will never recognise that a man-made object can be made more beautiful than a natural, or nature-made, one.

Oriental influnence in the materials or styles of the ultimate kitchen design

What would be the leading principle for futuristic interior design projects that react to these very latest movements? Foremost of all, the kitchen will be created in collective, modular blocks. If there is insufficient space available, kitchens will have pantry units, drawer units and cupboards in a designated area, these may be divided through separate rooms or an area in its own right. Wall mounted units and basket units will be placed at mid-height; when these are opened, they will be moved downward to rest on an extended fooot or left suspended above the floor.

Effects will be achieved with varying heights, to create selection and underline the concept of “blocks” in the use of room available. There will be different heights for units behind an island-unit or peninsula and wall coverings will be partial but, again, at varying depths. The area around which the kitchen is installed will be left bare to contain a plant or any other natural object.

The block concept will be underlined by means of different materials, such as different varities of wood for cornering, perhaps with a steel edging. Giving reflection to horizontal lines, using less mid-height units and use open shelving on walls; ceramic tiles or colours should also be used to develop an effect of horizontal lines within the kitchen design.

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