Heston cooking chemistry kit: the Ultimate Kitchen accessory or just a gimmick

According to a recent press report (ok tabloid as was the Mail Online) a Heston-Blumenthal inspired kitchen chemistry kit has been released to the public in the hope to promote brand Heston but also allow budding home chefs the opportunity to add a bit of spice to their ultimate kitchen creations.

However, instead of spice, there are Glow-in-the-dark pancakes and golden jellies among the recipes to emulate the culinary creations by the eccentric chef. The set contains food chemicals including Luciferase, which is the glowing enzyme in jellyfish and the substance Synsepalum dulcificum, better known as ‘miracle berries, which whilst being lambasted as a diet aid has become a fun food stuff as it turns sour food sweet.

The kit has been devised by ‘food architects’ who worked with Blumenthal on Heston’s Feasts, namely Sam Bompas and Harry Parr and in keeping with their wacky inventor characters, have also designed a flavour-changing chewing gum, inspired by Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which includes a combination of pineapple to foie gras flavours.

The set is currently only on sale at Harvey Nichols for £30 but the duo say they hope it will hit supermarket shelves soon.

Mr Parr commented: ‘..This is a new departure for us. If this test is successful we would like to see our food and magic kit expanding beyond this test launch. Who knows, it may become bigger than Scrabble or Monopoly.’

And its this commented that defines the ultimate kitchen chemistry set in that whilst it isn’t something you would use for the evening meal it is however very fun, a bit wacky and a whole lot eccentric and ideal for dinner parties.

With more and more people staying in and entertaining, and in doing so upgrading their kitchens to a more modern kitchen design, its fun things like this Heston kitchen chemistry set that adds a bit of flavour to the night and not just in the form of the dishes being served.

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