The Ultimate Kitchen worktop

The Ultimate Kitchen worktop

What is the Ultimate Kitchen worktop material?

Every home owner will inform you that worktops can entirely change the design and the functionality of your Ultimate Kitchen. One of the most common reasons why home owners change their kitchen is principally due to a lack of usable worktop space. This lack of space makes it particularly hard to squeeze in adequate appliances and to have enough space to food prep and cook at the same time. Replacing the kitchen worktop is one of the most common improvements made to a home.

Choosing the correct worktop material for your Ultimate Kitchen worktop is just as essential as the amount of space you require. The final material selection will determine the Ultimate Kitchen theme, style, and individual personality. During the re-fit, your kitchen worktops will provide the entire room a face lift. But if you aren’t mindful, you can alter the image of your Ultimate Kitchen by mistakenly choosing the wrong worktop material. This potentially, increases the upkeep and poor durability for your demands.

A list has been complied to show you the 8 prime materials you can select from. Each material has both positive and negative pointers and can vary from each manufacturer. The installation techniques of the worktop will also cause variations. It is helpful to ask for as much information and detail about the care and maintenance when choosing your worktop surface. Also, be certain to ask about installation issues that may arise before you make your selection.

Laminate Worktops

There are very limited, positive aspects about laminate worktops to think about. The main aspect is the ability to install them as a novice. They are reasonably priced, little maintenance required and available in a variety of colours and designs.

On the downside, particular care with knives and hot pans because once a laminate worktop is damaged, it is unlikely to be amended without the need to completely re-laminate the whole worktop.

Ceramic Tile Worktops

Tiled worktops can also be, within reason, easily installed by a novice homeowner. The ceramic tile can be found in vast amounts of colours and patterns. They’re also excellent at heat resistance and cleaning. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are often a hard surface to work on and they can crack or chip. Replacing a tile that is broken or chipped can, without much effort, be replaced if a matching tile can be found.

Stone Worktops

These worktops are extremely resilient, look fantastic and easily cleaned.  The most popular choice of stone worktop is granite. A premium piece of granite will provide a natural pattern and organic colour. No two pieces of granite are identical so your worktop will be distinctive.

However, you will have to frequently seal and buff certain stone worktops to keep them looking good. If you worktop is made of from marble you need to be extra careful to avoid discolouration.

Stainless Steel and Copper Worktops

These types of materials are easily cleaned and very hygienic. Worktops have the ability to receive significantly high heat without the risk of being damaged.  Unfortunately, Stainless steel can be cold in appearance and lifeless were most home owners prefer warmth in their Ultimate Kitchen atmosphere. Copper, on the other hand, can warm the kitchen atmosphere.

The downside is that when installing stainless steel, it can dent if it isn’t supported well. They’re also particularly prone to scratches and it will show. Over a period of time the brilliance can be affected. Copper will also transform in colour over time into a more distressed look, this must be taken into account.

Copper and stainless steel can made with an individual custom finish, reducing the shine rather than a polished metal look. The finishes can add to the look and style of the Ultimate Kitchen, additionally helping to hide scratches.

Butcher Block Worktops

This gives your Ultimate Kitchen a warming ambiance that only wood can usually give, your knives will not dull, easily smoothing out a scratch or mark with sandpaper.

On the other hand, for most wooden worktops you may have to use oil frequently to take care of the wood and keep its good appearance. The worktop can easily stain and even rot if there is too much exposure to moisture.

Solid Surface Worktops

Unlike stone worktops this is the synthetic version. There are hundreds of designs, shades and styles with many replicating the granite or other stone choices. It’s very strong, easy to clean and allows the quick installation of custom integrated sinks. These tend to be the cost effective option than their stone equivalent.

Soapstone Worktops

This choice is an extremely striking Ultimate Kitchen worktop. They are very hard to stain, nor are hot pots and pans an issue. Other liquids like acids and chemicals are likely to be no problem on these worktops. They will need to be sealed with a mineral oil regularly and are more liable to be scratched than granite.

Lava stone Worktops

Lava stone worktops are a remarkable choice of worktop for definite. They are extremely durable, with the ability to withstand water damage, scratches and hot pans gracefully.

On the other hand, lava stone worktops are generally difficult to source and they’re significantly high-priced.

Concrete Worktops

Most commonly used in outdoor worktops, they’re growing in popularity for indoor worktop use. Concrete is less expensive than its natural stone equivalent but exceptionally durable and heat resistant. Concrete can easily be shaped and formed as required; they also come in different colours and styles to fit your Ultimate Kitchen decor. Concrete worktops can also integrate patterns to imitate granite and other stones.

The downside to concrete worktops is that they are absorbent. Food and bacteria can get trapped in the pores, as well as create problems with staining. Usually every 2-3 years the surfaces are sealed with a sealant or polish to seal and protect the worktop.

Ultimate Kitchens have a fantastic range of kitchen doors, worktops and cabinets and some of the best kitchen appliances, kitchen lighting and granite worktops available. See our stores throughout the North West, or call 01925 255500 for more details.

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