Curves in the kitchen…hmmm

I’ll be honest, the first time I heard the name Kim Kardashian I thought she was a character on Star Trek the Next Generation and whilst there have been a few criticisms of her lack of talents and media attention grabbling, plus comical references to the actual Cardassian’s, an evil reptilian race of alien on Star Trek one thing that cant be denied is that the lady has curves.

From great car design, to art and architecture curves imbue a sense of beauty and in kitchen design its no different.

So whilst we at Ultimate Kitchens Blog lurve curves here is one we really like….

Looking at the Avant Beige above with its beautiful curves, gloss and glass mix use of doors and a ultra chic, ultra sleek modern worksurfaces and quaint little table in a contrasting wood, this Second Nature kitchen is simply beautiful, and whilst functional, is not scrimping on the quality of materials which are more than on a par with the German and Italian kitchens.

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