An Ultimate Kitchen floor: Form over Function?

For many, their Ultimate Kitchen flooring is a choice made with form rather than function in-mind. We base this on the colour and design that we individually have a preference for or that would go with an existing room’s layout. We hardly ever give any reflection to the comfort of a particular flooring. But for those that have spent any considerable length of time standing on the Ultimate Kitchen floor, you’ll appreciate that legs and feet can in reality, suffer from uncomfortable flooring. Focusing attention, solely to the right colour and design instead of its function may not have been such a great thought after all.

For many that spend a substantial amount of their time in front of a kitchen worktop, they should think about a cushioned base that will spare their legs and feet a lot of pain. Carpeting, linoleum and vinyl flooring are some of the greatest choices for this; tile is becoming very popular again because of its visual appearance and ease of cleaning.

Other aspects in the Ultimate Kitchen should also be taken into consideration when choosing suitable flooring. Having pets or children will increase the chances of it getting dirty quicker and are regularly prone to spills. Choosing an easy wipe surface will reduce the time required for cleaning. Stone or marble floors are not suitable for this type of setting since spilt liquid can be a real danger on hard surfaces. If elderly or disabled people also live in the home, it would be wise to consider a non slip surface for your Ultimate Kitchen flooring.

For simple care options, choose a surface that does not require waxing or any other care treatment. If a hot liquid is spilt on a waxed surface, the wax will melt and if you do not re-apply straight away (particularly if in the middle of preparing a meal), you will discover that the finish will wear down rapidly.

The new and very popular choice for Ultimate Kitchen floors that is both attractive and comfortable is laminate. They can be produced to give the impression of either a wood or stone affect and are extremely easy to clean, plus it’s made of various layers, making it more comfortable on the feet and legs. Fitting the flooring is simple and is even easier to clean with the modern swifter type mops. Virtually all laminate floorings are manufactured using stain resistant materials but because it is fundamentally a “floating floor”, extra care has to be taken about using liquids on them too generously. If a liquid leaks under the laminate flooring, it can damage it.

Other contemporary choices for the Ultimate Kitchen floor is slate, marble and stone, though they look stunning, they may not be the most functional in terms of comfort. For a “show” kitchen that is not used regularly, these material choices may be suitable, but for most of us that have to stand for a number of hours in front of the oven and kitchen sink, stone is not the best choice.

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